Episode 006: I Did Not Know the World Outside My Own

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Welcome to 6th episode of the When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast!
Today’s semi-rant, semi-storytelling episode focuses on the lack of experience we have throughout our educational careers. Dare I say it, school prevented me from wanting to learn more about the world outside of my own and the classroom. School, a place where you’re supposed to grow and learn a lot, felt more like a box that you were forced to fit into and follow a specific trajectory that not only doesn’t work for everyone but is outdated.
I’d also like to say Happy Birthday to Papa Tejada whose birthday is on July 25th a.k.a 2 days after the launch of this episode! If it wasn’t for Papa Tejada believing in me, I wouldn’t be here pursuing my creative passions. Again, thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoy today’s episode.
Much love,

Reham Tejada: (00:12)
Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you are…

Reham Tejada: (00:16)
Welcome to the When Life Gives You Calamansi podcast. This podcast is brought to you by a Filipina who was born in Oman, was raised in Saudi, went to university in upstate New York, and now currently resides in Virginia, AKA your host Reham Tejada. And if you knew me during my time in Saudi, you know, me as “Ree-HAM”, but let’s not get too, too far into that. But I am here today with this podcast to not only continue to pay homage to my roots as a Filipina, but also celebrate and amplify the voices of those whose identities intersect with my own. And that is not just limited to my Filipino identity, but this other part of my identity called third culture kid, but more on that later in this show, not this episode, but later in future episodes. And through this podcast, I do hope to share interesting stories, chat about current events, explore life, and really just talk about whatever is most important to me and you, my magandang listeners.

Reham Tejada: (01:39)
And I do want to say as a full disclaimer, that I do not know tagalog, please do not roast me on my accent. My sister already roasts me enough and I don’t need anymore. But if you want to positively, constructively give me feedback on how I say certain words that is much appreciated, but no shade, please, no shade. And on top of all of that, I will also be bringing on guests, some old friends, some new friends that I’ve made through the Tamrah Lane blog and those of you who do not know what Tamrah Lane is, it is my blog that I started last year with my sister. And it is another way that I pay homage to my identity as a Filipino. And I already got some people lined up. So make sure to subscribe on your preferred podcast platform of choice and or on the official Calamansi YouTube channel.

Reham Tejada: (02:44)
And I know this is called When Life Gives You Calamansi podcast, but I am very much going to constantly refer to this as just the Calamansi podcast. So if that confuses you already, I apologize. And if you already fell in love with the show and me, of course, and want to support it so I can keep making amazing episodes, please go over to our YouTube channel, as I said, and our website calamansi.live. Show some love there, show some support and most of all, please send over your constructive, emphasis on constructive, feedback. Now that we got all that away, all those promotions out of the way, it really is time to celebrate this inaugural installation of this podcast. And to do that, I’d like to actually talk about the calamansis that inspired me to create a podcast at all, which you know, I hope tells you my viewers and listeners a little bit more about me as a person now to provide some context: outside of my blog Tamrah Lane and this podcast, I actually used to help produce another podcast.

Reham Tejada: (04:07)
And I basically did a lot of research for that podcast all the way back, you could say in December 2020 and since then I’ve been doing a lot of research and obviously having hands on experience in producing a podcast. And what’s funny is that I actually had the idea of creating a podcast in 2019. So you can say that this was a really long time going. I don’t know how to phrase is, but this idea really did sprout, like at least a couple of years ago, it may even be three years ago, but the only thing I was missing back then was really just finding a way to get started. Like, as I was doing my research, like I’m sighing right now, because just thinking about how much research I had to do and how much goes into a podcast, like aside from investing equipment and like the structure, like there is a lot that goes into podcasts.

Reham Tejada: (05:12)
And like for realsies, I applaud you all who either have your own podcast or assist with a podcast or produce a podcast. Because these things are hard, so kudos to you. But I have learned so much and found so much inspiration actually that it was only until this year that I really felt confident in my own abilities to produce a podcast, but not just any podcast, a podcast that not only I would be proud of, but also my parents because, you know, they give birth to me. So I got to pay homage to them if you know what I mean. You know, mind you, I am doing all this on my own and producing a podcast, like I said, it’s not really easy, at least on the scale that I was doing it for the other podcast. But for those who don’t know me, I am a Libra and shoutout to all my other Libras out there.

Reham Tejada: (06:12)
And if you are a Libra or you know a Libra, you know how indecisive we can be. Okay. So like just deciding on what the name for this podcast, it was a hell of a journey or like we say, in Saudi – mishwar. But before I go further into the meaning of the name and why I chose it, I do want to say that my logo and the songs that you hear on the show, as well as the logo animation at the beginning of this video if you’re watching on YouTube, are not made by me. They were made by some wonderful people who were able to bring my vision for the podcast to life. So a huge, big, thank you and shout out to them, y’all know who you are and I just appreciate you. But other than that, everything here on now is a hundred percent me.

Reham Tejada: (07:07)
I wanted to dedicate a lot of time to this podcast and that’s why I really want to reiterate the importance of getting feedback from you all. And again, emphasis on constructive feedback, but I don’t want to go too deep into podcast production and what goes into it because those topics can be like a whole other episode or video on its own or even a blog if you will. But going back to the calamansis, that inspired me to make a podcast. The first is, as I said, and these calamansis are in no particular order. First is from my podcast production experience from my previous day job. And the second calamansi is kind of similar to the reason why I started the Tamrah Lane blog. And for those who don’t know a huge part of my blog is to pay homage to my identity and culture as a Filipino and a little secret about me…

Reham Tejada: (08:11)
I actually never really felt Filipino. Like I can’t even say certain words, right? Like I said earlier, you know, I get the accent all wrong and I don’t even speak tagalog. Like I don’t know anything about tagalog. And it’s probably due to the fact that I was raised in Saudi and went to international American schools all my life. But I guess I just really, wasn’t surrounded by the Filipino language outside of my home. And of course this is in no way blaming my parents of course, but you know, you are what your environment is, right? And the most Filipino thing really about me is probably my love for Filipino cuisine and the food. And fortunately, both my parents love to cook and are amazing at cooking. So every day, like almost every meal we had was Filipino food. And we also had Filipino snacks and we even had a Jollibee that was a drive away.

Reham Tejada: (09:15)
And actually now that I think about it, there are actually a lot of Filipino restaurants where I lived in Saudi and also in Bahrain for those who don’t know, it’s a country that we would often visit to or visit on the weekends. So basically my family has always been around Filipino food. Thankfully I am not a picky eater. So I do like to think that I have tried almost every Filipino dish out there. I am, however, allergic to fish. So obviously I can’t count those, but honestly I hope I’m wrong because if I’m wrong, that means there are even more Filipino dishes for me to try out there. But that’s to be determined, I should probably ask my mom what I haven’t tried or even my dad, because I’m sure there’s a lot more dishes specific to different towns in the Philippines.

Reham Tejada: (10:11)
But anyway, I digress, I basically do just have a huge love for Filipino food. But besides that, besides my immense love for Filipino food, I just don’t feel Filipino. I don’t really see myself as Filipino. And in all honesty, I kind of felt like an imposter of my own culture, which is actually super bizarre and really ridiculous for me to think, right? It was like, no one should have to feel like an imposter in their own culture that they were born into, if that makes sense, but it was not until I actually started Tamrah Lane – my blog – that I stopped feeling like an imposter and actually started to feel more connected to my Filipino culture. And it was not until recently that I realized Tamrah Lane and now this podcast are really just manifestations or I shouldn’t say manifestations, but really big tools or platforms in my life that are helping me define my personal journey and helping me explore and discover my identity, not only as a Filipino, but a third culture kid, like I mentioned before, a sister, a female and a creative.

Reham Tejada: (11:41)
So if you’re thinking like, “wow, this is basically her life story in audio and video form”, then I say, you’re probably right. And you are here for the ride, but of course, as I said, at the beginning of this podcast, I want this podcast to be more than just about my personal exploration and identity formation. I also want to amplify those whose identities intersect with my own and share their stories because trust me, some of these people that I met through Tamrah Lane, who I will hopefully bring onto the show, their stories are worth sharing, and I hope you all stay tuned for that. So those are the two big juicy calamansis, if you will, that gave me a reason to start a podcast, but there is a third smaller, I guess, calamansi that gave me reason. And that is to have something to show my parents.

Reham Tejada: (12:41)
And it sounds a little weird out of context, but I feel like because they know I create videos and do photography, write blogs and basically create things for a living. I felt like I had to use those abilities and put it to good use in the sense that I am basically delivering my own form of a present to them. And it’s funny because my mom actually always asks us to make videos. The most recent request was she asked us to make a Tik Tok. And I was like, “whoa, I’m not even… I don’t even make Tik Toks. I made like one.” So I was like, “why can’t… Why make a Tik Tok? That’s like a few seconds. As opposed instead of like creating something that’s more long form and creating something that actually tells a story”, you know? It kind of shows my parents, you know, what’s going on in my life and what are the interesting topics I like to talk about because you can’t get that in a Tik Tok, at least you can’t get that in one Tik Tok, you know what I mean?

Reham Tejada: (13:54)
But anyway, I digress. So I hope that this is something that they do care about watching and listening to. And before I do, mom, dad, if you’re watching or listening, hello, I promise to call home soon. And also to my listeners, that is a reminder to call your parents sometime because I am super bad at it. I need to do better, but please do, as I say and not as I do, okay. Speaking of my parents, Mama and Papa Tejada are definitely the biggest fans of Tamrah Lane. And I know they don’t show it, but I know they are because my mom, she was the first person to subscribe to my blog by email. And my dad is always hinting at it. Not explicitly saying, but he would say things like you can make a living of your blog. You’re doing great. Keep going.

Reham Tejada: (14:59)
And so those little indications of support was like, “wow, I think they are kind of big fans of the blog.” And I don’t know, I might be wrong, but I think if I convince myself that they are saying that, then I can just continue sleeping peacefully at night. So again, mom, dad, if you’re listening, please don’t deny what I just said, or else I’ll probably cry and have to edit this part out. But if you have not checked out their recipes on our blog, make sure to check out Mama Tejada’s lumpiang Shanghai and Papa Tejada’s tapsilog recipes, they are available on our blog. tamrahlane.com. And I know that’s a shameless plug, but they’re my parents. So I got to plug them in somehow. Right? But yes, those are the two big and one small calamansis that helped bring this podcast to life.

Reham Tejada: (16:02)
And now that I have finally pushed myself to start producing it and investing in this podcast, there’s just no going back. I’m in this way too deep and I can’t go back and I know what you’re thinking. Well, where are we going from here? Like what’s in store? Who are you going to bring on? How often are you going to release an episode? What can we expect? What kind of topics, yada, yada yada, well, first I will be releasing an episode biweekly on Wednesdays. Now, is this subject to change? A hundred percent, but I will try to post at least biweekly for you all. And I just hope you all keep coming in and wanting more beause I will start posting weekly if you dare me. But I decided to choose a Wednesday because the middle of the week is tough for everyone. And I always find myself needing a pick me up in the middle of the week.

Reham Tejada: (17:07)
Something funny, something entertaining, some funny stories. I don’t know, but I just need that in the middle of my week. Right? And if you can’t listen to new episodes on Wednesday or Thursday, then you have Friday, Saturday, Sunday to catch up. And if you don’t catch up by Sunday, you can just wait until the next episode on the following Wednesday. That is if I post every week to binge listen to the show. But anyway, I’m speaking too far into the future. I’m counting my counting my eggs before they hatch, if that’s the phrase. But as I said, this is a lot of work and I only ever want to deliver top tier content to you all. So please be patient with little ole me, at least in the beginning. And we can go anywhere from here, honestly. So let’s just chill first.

Reham Tejada: (18:06)
Okay. Take it slow, steady. You know what I mean? As for who the heck I am going to bring onto the show. So unfortunately, if you’re listening to this podcast, you won’t be able to see what I am going to show the viewers, but see this cute thing? I’m basically holding a woven macrame piece of art with earth tone colors, splash of yellow, orange, there’s terracotta colors as well. It is super beautiful. And it just seems so magical whenever I look at it on my wall, but basically she creates macrame woven pieces of art. And honestly, when I look at mine, I, for some reason feel some sort of sense of tranquility and honestly kind of get lost in the work in the art piece. And I’m looking over to the side because the other piece that I got from her is hanging over there on the wall, but I definitely did not do it justice just now.

Reham Tejada: (19:11)
And I hope you all tune in for that episode because she is going to reveal, not reveal, but she’s going to definitely tell her story, how she got into it into this art work and just tell her story really. And I really can’t wait to share that episode with you all. Anyway, that was a teaser. Don’t know if I did her any justice, so apologies to her if she’s listening to this, but if you want to see who this is going to be, I highly recommend that you continue watching these video casts and listening to these podcasts and just really get to meet who this person is. Now to answer the question about what the heck you can expect from this show here on out. All I can honestly tell you is that you can expect nothing but authenticity, some laughter, some fun conversations that just bring you joy and entertainment in your life, no matter where you are in the world and whenever you are listening.

Reham Tejada: (20:19)
And if you made it to the end of this episode, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it all the way into the end. And please remember to show some love on our social media, your preferred podcast platform of choice and our YouTube channel. And of course our website, calamansi.live. And if you are still here listening, I also want you to send your feedback, whether that is through DM-ing me on social media or sending an email at hello@calamansi.live. Whatever you choose. Please reach out to me and please share your constructive, emphasis on constructive, feedback. And again, thank you to everyone who helped make this podcast possible. And thank you for tuning in to the inaugural installation of the When Life Gives You Calamansi podcast. I am your host for Reham Tejada and don’t forget to count your calamansis.

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